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DE-STRESS for the holidays
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14th-Oct-2014 01:44 am - Halloween is Booming Business for Merchants! But it brings the Wrath of God!

A recent article states, Halloween has become one of America’s most popular holidays, and spending on the holiday is on the rise as more adults partake in the festivities.

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF) American’s total spending for Halloween this year is expected to total $7.4 billion!

Another article projects an even higher amount of spending at $11.3 billion representing about 74 percent of U.S. households.

That’s anywhere between 7.3 and 11.3 BILLION DOLLARS!!

And 3/4 of Americans participating and spending their money on pagan bull$#!T! And the retailers take this as a positive sign for the holiday spending in the coming months!

“That means big business for stores that specialize in Halloween stuff, for bars and other businesses that specialize in parties.” But HEY! The party’s over! It’s time to wake up, grow up and stop this! God doesn't like it AT ALL!! In fact He is emphatically against it!

In the Book of Revelation (18) it states: “Babylon has fallen, has fallen, and has become the habitation of demons… the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her and the merchants of the earth become rich through the abundance of her luxuries.” This pertains to that entity called “Great Whore of Babylon,” the Roman Catholic Church. She has fallen; her time is up!

Halloween is a Catholic contrived holiday and a worshiping or veneration of the dead. Little children learn about it before they can even walk! It's showing up in the stores not before Summer is even over.

The prophet Isaiah (1) cried: “Ah sinful nation! A people laden with iniquity, a seed of evildoers, children that are corrupters! They have forsaken the LORD, they have provoked the Holy One of Israel to anger… the whole head is sick from the sole of the foot to the head there is no soundness… Your country is desolate… your land, strangers devour it in your presence, and it is desolate as overthrown by strangers!

Your appointed feasts My Soul hates! They are a trouble to Me, I am weary to bear them! …when you make many prayers, I will not hear you!”

In Amos (5:21) He says, "I hate, I despise your feast days..." (8:10) "And I will turn your feast days into mourning..."

And in the Book of Deuteronomy (18:10-12), “There shall not be found among you anyone that makes his son or his daughter to pass through the fire… or a necromancer (one who conjures the spirits of the dead)! For all that do these things are an abomination to the LORD!”

This is a great mystery: "Mystery Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots (denominations) and Abominations (disgusting idolatries) of the earth!"

”Come out of her that you are not partakers of her sins! And that you don’t receive of her plagues! For her sins have reached unto heaven and God has remembered her iniquities!”

12th-Dec-2013 12:13 pm - The Mother of all Idolatries
Glowing World

December 12 is the day celebrated by Catholics as the day of the virgin de Guadalupe. The following is an excerpt from an article written by Rose Ann Mueller. In her article she makes the connection between the “Virgin of Guadalupe” and the pagan Aztec goddess Tonantzin worshiped by the natives in pre-Columbian times.

“The origin of the importance of the Virgen de Guadalupe can be traced back to the religious beliefs and ceremonies that animated the daily lives of pre-Hispanic people from birth to death. Even though the Spanish conquest imposed Christianity and colonialism on the original populations, the Catholic Church allowed--some say even encouraged--the association between specific locations and Aztec deities as a means to effect an easier transition from native religions to Christianity, resulting in the introduction of localized patron saints. Worship of the Virgin Mary was encouraged through a variety of manifestations, such as the Virgin of Remedios and the Immaculate Conception. After the conquest, the church destroyed shrines to indigenous gods and goddesses, and tried to stamp out the cult of Tonantzin, an Aztec virgin deity. Since manifestations of the Virgin had encouraged the conquistadors, many images of the Virgin Mary had made their way to the New World. Indians, mestizos, and criollos lent new meanings to the cult of the Virgin Mary. The devotion to the Virgin of Guadalupe is a syncretic manifestation of Catholic and Aztec beliefs.

According to a legend first published in 1648, in 1531 the Virgin Mary appeared in the form of a young mestizo woman to the neophyte Indian Juan Diego on Tepeyac hill, the location of Tonantzin's shrine. Between December 9 and 12, the Virgin of Guadalupe continued to appear and requested through Juan Diego that a church dedicated to her be built on the site.

“: The cult of the Virgin of Guadalupe was a reconciliation of Catholic and pre-Hispanic beliefs. The symbols embedded in the syncretic image borrow from both Christian and pre-Columbian imagery.”


“Mexico City's 17th-century Basilica of Guadalupe—built in honor of the Virgin and perhaps Mexico's most important religious building—was constructed at the base of the hill of Tepeyac, believed to be a site used for pre-Columbian worship of Tonantzin.”

The Virgin of Guadalupe is Tonantzin (Aztec Pagan Goddess)

This is nothing more than another lie which has been perpetrated by those calling themselves men of God. The purpose of this deception was to make a smooth transition from paganism to Catholicism. In an attempt to convert the native peoples, the story of Juan Diego and the virgin de Guadalupe was created and used to deceive millions.

The worship of the mother goddess is commanded against repeatedly in God’s Law. The law is still in effect, and must be followed carefully. Idolatry is a transgression against God regardless of what you call the goddess being worshiped, Virgen de Guadalupe, Tonantzin, Diana, Isis, Ishtar. S***t by any other name – smells the same.

Rev 21:8 states that .. “the murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone…”

30th-Oct-2013 06:12 pm - Halloween Candy is not dandy! It's a killer!

Does anyone ever notice or wonder why all major holidays are centered on kids?

Case in point, Halloween, a Catholic holyday and one of the most profitable holidays of the year, is certainly geared toward children (even though many adults now engage in the childish behavior of dressing in costume and indulging on sweets).

The National Confectioners Association reported last year that Americans bought more than 600 million pounds of candy (that’s 300,000 tons!) just for Halloween. That adds up to $2.4 billion spent on sweets alone, not counting costumes and decorations. That figure is expected to go up this year.

Halloween marks the biggest candy holiday of the year, followed by Easter, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day.

But besides engaging in a pagan ‘worship of the dead’ festival, which is an affront to God, consider this:

All forms of sugar (fructose in particular) have toxic effects when consumed in excess, and drive multiple disease processes in the body, not the least of which is insulin resistance, a major cause of chronic disease and accelerated aging.

In 1822 Americans consumed about six pounds of sugar a year, but that number has steadily risen to the present estimate of 130 pounds annually.

This had led to increased diagnoses of diabetes and obesity, especially in children. The National Institute of Health states that diabetes affects 25.8 million Americans of all ages, and 215,000 people younger than 20 had diabetes in 2010. More than 40 million children under the age of five were overweight in 2011.

Childhood obesity is associated with a higher chance of obesity, premature death and disability in adulthood. But in addition to increased future risks, obese children experience breathing difficulties, increased risk of fractures, hypertension, early markers of cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance and psychological effects.

Obese Kids photo photo.jpg

Approximately 15,600 youth were diagnosed with diabetes every year from 2002 to 2005, a significant spike in new cases.

Obesity in kids has reached epidemic levels. Experts estimate that 15% of kids are overweight and another 15% are at risk of becoming overweight.

The percentage of overweight children in the United States is growing at an alarming rate, with 1 out of 3 kids now considered overweight or obese.

Also, in the past few years, ADHD – attention deficit hyperactivity disorder – has become the go-to diagnosis for kids who can’t sit still in school. Today, almost every class includes some kid who’s on Ritalin, Adderall or another stimulant. A high intake of sugar can cause hyperactivity in kids.

High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is a less expensive sweetener than sugar and has serious health implications. HFCS is made up mostly of fructose, a kind of sugar that must be metabolized in your liver.

But your liver cannot handle all the fructose that many people ingest, so doctors are seeing more and more patients with fatty liver disease, a condition similar to the liver toxicity of alcoholics, except that it comes from too much high fructose corn syrup.

It is also a well-accepted fact that coronary disease is associated with diabetes.

Therefore, it must be emphasized that the fall in glucose tolerance and the rise in the blood-sugar, both characteristic of pre-diabetes and diabetes itself, are accompanied by striking increases in blood lipids, especially triglycerides. Hence if it is preferred to relate coronary disease to changes in the blood lipids, rather than to changes in the blood-sugar, it is still not difficult to involve sugar and refined carbohydrates in the cause of heart disease. Hence, the key to causation of coronary thrombosis lies in the causation of diabetes (and also of obesity).

It just doesn’t make any sense to take away the innocence and health of children by introducing them to paganism and sugar overload.

(600 million pounds of candy = 9 billion 600 million ounces which is 1 trillion 267 billion 200 million calories @ 132 calories per oz. Running for 1 hour would burn 640 calories. To burn off all these calories would require 1 billion 980 million hours of running - that's 82,500,000 days or 226,027 years of constant running!)

Thus saith the LORD: “I hate, I despise your feast days… And I will turn your feasts into mourning…” Amos 5:21; 8:10)
23rd-Dec-2012 07:39 pm - The End of Time!
Watch this to find out what time it really is. You will be surprised!

23rd-Dec-2011 10:44 pm - A Christmas Mourning
Venus hot

Pagan Nation under God - A Nation in Mourning

“What IS Christmas”?
Answer: The second-biggest feast day in the Western calendar that “celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ.”

Who is Jesus Christ?
No one really knows. Reports concerning him are conflicting, confusing and chaotic. No one knows when he was born. Or exactly where. Or exactly why. But everyone believes he came to die for their sins.

And what a coincidence that December 25th was always celebrated as the birthday of the Greco-Roman pagan god, Zeus! Hey Zeus! Then there’s the pagan god, Saturn for Saturnalia.

Through the Prophet Isaiah (1:14) God says He hates the appointed feast days of the heathen nation. Through Jeremiah (10) He says not to learn the ways of the heathen such as cutting down a tree and decorating it with silver and gold. Through Amos (8:10) He says “I will turn your feast days into mourning…

And so He has as it has become a time of Great Tribulation on the Earth.

Christmas is the deadliest day of the year!
People are more likely to die during the holidays — notably on Christmas and New Year’s Day.
The incidence of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is 33% higher on New Year’s Day.

The “Merry Christmas Coronary” and “Happy New Year Heart Attack” Phenomenon
The holiday season is notorious for heart attacks, heart failures, and arrhythmias.
Heavy meals, too much salt, and excess alcohol can all exacerbate heart failure.

Each year, hospital emergency rooms treat thousands of people for injuries, such as falls, cuts, and shocks related to holiday lights, decorations, and Christmas trees. Many people get poked in the eye by the tree branches while they try to retrieve presents or corks from Champagne bottles.

The eye unit staff commonly see children suffering after poking themselves or others in the eye with new toys and glitter fragments in the eye from cards or craft activities.

In addition, Christmas trees are involved in hundreds of fires each year, mostly caused by faulty lighting, resulting in deaths, injuries, and property loss and damage.

Over the last 10 years 27 people have died testing batteries on their tongue.
Hundreds of people cut themselves with knives and scissors they are using to open presents.
Since 1997 26 people have died watering Christmas trees with the Christmas lights on.
Every year hundreds of people fall off ladders and break bones while hanging Christmas decorations.

Also on the list are burns from the oven and older people choking on their turkey dinner.

Residential Christmas light displays are responsible for nearly half a million road accidents each year. Experts claim that up to 73% of drivers get distracted by the bright lights during the holiday season. Approximately 1,300 people are treated each year in emergency departments for injuries related to holiday lights.

Alcohol related accidents
Over 40% of fatal automobile accidents are alcohol-related.
The number of deaths resulting from alcohol-related car accidents is highest during the Christmas and New Year holiday season.

Each year, fires occurring during the holiday season claim the lives of more than 400 Americans, injure 1,650 more, and cause more than $990 million in damage.

Candle-related fires are one of the most common holiday home hazards, averaging more than 15,000 each year, resulting in 166 deaths, nearly 13,000 injuries and $450 million in direct property damage.

About 5,800 people – two to three every hour – are treated in emergency departments for fall-related injuries sustained while decorating

Christmas trees, both natural and artificial, were the item first ignited in an estimated average of 250 reported home structure fires per year during 2003-2007. These fires caused an estimated average of 14 civilian deaths, 26 civilian injuries and $13.8 million in direct property damage per year.

Christmas is the most depressing time of year!

One in four Americans feel depressed during the holidays, while nearly 70 percent feel the holidays are synonymous with stress.

Domestic Violence
The number of incidents is highest on New Year's Day and the following days. About 77% or victims are women and 23% male.
Drug and alcohol consumption is believed to pay a part, along with strains on relationships caused by paying for Christmas.
Children are often taken from their parents when police arrive on the scene.

Child Abuse
America has a shocking, "shameful" record when it comes to child abuse

More than 20,000 American children are believed to have been killed in their own homes as a result of poverty, malnourishment, neglect, and abuse over the last 10 years. That gives the U.S. the worst rate of child abuse of any industrialized nation

Many children are hysterical when put into the hands of a man playing Santa.

Bad economy - Heavy Debt
The Christmas season causes credit card debt to rise.
Banks and lenders say they are forced to foreclose homes due to increased credit card debt and costs of living.
Over a quarter of Christians have said “their Christmases were crippled by debt.”
Many have lost their jobs and now unemployment benefits are in jeopardy come January. With this comes a rise in foreclosures and homelessness.
For the first time Americans are weighed down by problems that would have seemed impossible just few years ago.
The United States generates homelessness at a much higher rate than previously thought.
The national debt is now a massive $12 trillion.

“And it shall come to pass in that day, says the LORD God, I will turn your feast days into mourning and all your songs into lamentation… and I will make it as the mourning of an only son, and the end thereof as a bitter day.” Amos 8:10

16th-Dec-2011 11:44 pm - Ways of the Heathen
Venus hot

Vatican City – The Vatican lit its “traditional” Christmas Tree today which was a gift this year from the Ukraine, an admittedly pagan “tradition.” It’s a 100 foot tree cut out of the forest of the Ukraine which they have decked with silver and gold. The pope told his bishops that the tree is “a significant symbol of Christ’s birth – which Christmas celebrates – because, with its evergreen boughs, it reminds us of enduring life.” He then told the Ukrainian delegation that it “is a sign of popular religiosity in your country, and of the Christian roots of your culture.”

Clearly the pope doesn’t know God. It is said that the last pope, John Paul II, introduced the custom of the Christmas trees to the Vatican in 1982. Y’hoshua said, “Why do you transgress the commandment of God by your tradition? …You make the commandments of God of no effect by your tradition… In vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.” Matt 15:6-9

The Ukrainian Christmas customs are based to a very large degree on those of pre-Christian pagan culture and religion. The Roman Church has a policy of using most of the ancient customs and accepting them as part of the “Christian holidays.” In this way, the ancient pagan Feasts of Winter Solstice and Feasts of Fertility became part of Christmas customs. The traditional supper is a 12-course, meatless meal. 12 for the 12 full moons and meatless as a form of “bloodless sacrifice to the gods” as is the Eucharistic host at the Roman Mass.

But what does God say to His people about these customs and traditions? “Learn NOT the ways of the heathen… for the customs of the people are vain. For one cuts a tree out of the forest, the work of the workman with the axe. They deck it with silver and gold; they fasten it with hammer and nails so it won’t fall down. They stand upright but they can’t speak, they have to be carried because they can’t move on their own. Don’t reverence them…they are altogether stupid and foolish. Their stock/tree is a doctrine of vanity.” Jeremiah 10:1-8

28th-Oct-2011 11:44 pm - Beware of Wolves in Sheep's Clothing - part 2
Venus in Bluejeans
11th-Sep-2011 12:53 am - Mystery Babylon, Mother of Harlots
Venus hot
24th-Dec-2010 09:18 pm - Christmas Tree - Doctrine of Vanity

12th-Jun-2010 08:01 pm - War on Christmas - exposing the roots
The War on Christmas rages on. Come out of it and don't participate in it anymore. Here's why:

"He who will not know the root of all things, they (all things) are hidden from him. He who will not know the root of wickedness is not a stranger to it." -Y'hoshua
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